Winners Cargo Find and A Tip

By Monday, November 07, 2011 ,

Recently Sparkled Beauty and Beauty Thesis both blogged about great Cargo finds at Winners. I found a few items too at my Marshall's, but nothing worth writing about.

Yesterday though I found two of the City Of Lights Set that they both blogged about (here and here). Unfortunately for me, the one was completely destroyed and the other one was tampered with.

I picked up the tampered one, it had finger dabs in 3 of the 4 lip-glosses and some light marks and one gouge on the shadows. Nothing horrible, but still upsetting. I thought I would try my luck asking for a discount.

I had no intention of paying their full price when the product was tampered with, so I asked for a discount. The gentalman at the counter said usually they give 10% off in situations like this but he would give it to me for $12 instead of the $14.99. I was happy with this so I bought it.

I fully plan on sanitizing the items. It is sad that it got tampered with or I would have given it to someone as a xmas gift.

So the tip is, if it is damaged, ask for a discount, you might just get it. This applies to other places too! My friend got a good deal on a zuca over a minor scratch. Just ask, you never know.