L'oreal La Couleur Infallible Eyeshadows

By Monday, September 12, 2011 , ,

The future of eye shadow is here! La Couleur Infallible reinvents eye shadow with enhanced color intensity, a new velvety feel, and 24 hour long-lasting hold.
Now you can experience colour that is heightened to its highest heights! This unstoppable waterproof shower resists blinking, creases, and rubbing! -lorealparis.ca 
Waterproof eyeshadow? 24 hour eyeshadow? You know I am all over that.
I've been intrigued by this product for a while, seeing those awesome displays in the store, and hot photos of Claudia Schiffer rocking the purple, I really wanted to try it.

First off the packaging. You twist off the lid, thinking it will be a loose powder, only to discover a nifty little press holding it all into place. It is loose, but it is also pressed...interesting, the best of both worlds. It is creamy too, not quite fully powdery, but not fully creamy, just great. No messy loose shadow flying about when you open it, or too much on your brush, but still the freedom loose powder gives when applying. Awesome!

Second the application. Ok I love how this applies, it goes on like the best of the best loose shadows or pigments. Blends amazingly well and looks great on.

Third the colour. The colours are all vibrant and highly pigmented, but they all are very very shimmery or metallic. Which is great, but there is no matte, if that is what you are looking for or something more subtle, you aren't going to find it here.

Fourth and finally, waterproofness and 24 hour lasting power. I wore two of these to work and well...it holds up to water, soap, rubbing, pet hair, sweat, rubbing some more and tear...and I went out till 4 am  so yes it is 24 hour lasting. Way to go!

  • Cleaver packaging (no mess)
  • available everywhere
  • inexpensive
  • staying power
  • great colours
  • blend-able
  • all are shimmery, there are no matte shades
If you like loose pigments/shadows but hate the messy packaging, this is for you. If you hate products that don't stay put, this is for you. If you want a bold bold bold look that will last all day and night, well this if for you. You can find it anywhere (drugstores, walmart, grocery stores) and it is really pretty. Get it, now. What are you waiting for?? Swatches...ok here you go....
Here are some great swatches of the products sent to me by L'oreal.
Permanent Kaki, Flashback Silver, Burning Black
Purple Obsession, Forever Pink, All Night Blue
Ultimate Sky,Hourglass Beige, Time Resistant White