Top 5 Things That Suck When You Love Makeup

By Sunday, July 24, 2011

1. Limited Edition Products: This is a love hate one. I love some shades, products, textures, and then you use them up and ...well that is it. So I try not to fall in love with them at all to try to avoid the heart break.

2. Washing Brushes: I loathe cleaning in general, but brush cleaning is particularly evil, but a necessary evil. I love my 100+ brushes, and since I have so many washing them isn't something I have to do daily. This is also a double edge sword because when I do wash them I have to wash a ton of brushes. No actually that smart on my behalf. I must learn to wash more frequently to prevent further hour long washing sessions.

3. Cranky Clients: If you do make up for a living, clients can suck. They can drive you mad. They can make  you want to walk out. Essentially it is like any other job where you have to deal with people. If you do make for a job but not a living (a second job or a hobby job) you can limit this at least.

4. Products That Expire: When you love something and realize it is time to toss it or it has spoiled (anyone experienced Mac Face and Body clumping?) it is so sad. To spend your money and then bam...ick. It sucks in general.

5. Putting On Lashes: Oh the vain of m existence. Sometimes one goes on easy the other wont. Sometimes the glue gets our skin and it crinkles. Sometime if you're me, you have a latex allergy and your eye puffs up. Lucky I found Revlon's glue, it is the best and latex free. It is still not fun creating a look and spending 10-20 minutes fussing with lashes.

I love makeup so it is all worth it...but I thought this would be fun to write out.