Made In Canada

By Friday, July 01, 2011

I love Canada, so all this week is Canadiana week here at Batting A Lash.

Hope you all have wonderful Canada Day.

I pulled out a bunch of unsuspecting makeup products in my collection, all made in Canada. I know I have more (like all my mac eyeshadows),  but this is just to show that many items you might not think are made in Canada are. Please excuse the the fact it is taken on my bed with my sisters dog in the pic, it was the only spot large enough to house everything and he wouldn't move.
My father taught me when I was young to read labels at the grocery store and check to make sure the products I bought were made in Canada, this has stuck with me all these years later. I love this nation, what we make and employing fellow Canadians.

I highly recommend checking out the labels of the makeup you buy and try to buy Canadian products whenever possible in you life.