July 2011 Luxe Box by Loose Button

by - Friday, July 15, 2011

This week I got my July Luxe Box by Loose Button. This is my third Luxe Box (you can see my May and June ones too).

So this box has

Essie Nail Polish (full size) value $8 - In Stitches 
It was nice to get a full sized product again in this package. Although not my first choice in shade I am glad I got it since I wouldn't probably pick it up in the store.

Stella in Two Peony Fragrance (sample 2ml ) full size value $56
Well this definitely was a let down. Not a fragrance I like and not a real big sample anyways. I guess bigger than the 1ml samples you usually get but nothing I would call 'deluxe'.

Consonant Body - Eye & Face Cream Samples - full size value Eye $36 Face $56
Another big let down for me. I've been enjoying my full sized soap and sample of face wash from Consonant that I got in May and Junes boxes, but this is something I will never ever use. I have little pocket samples, they creep me out.  
This product has three tiny toss away packs or eye or face cream. Sigh

Trucco Lip Liner Pencil (full size) value $ 20 - Divinity
So the sheet says eye liner but it is a fat lip liner. I miss fat lip liners of the 90's so this one is a great product for me. I like the soft silky texture that is like a lipstick. 

Extra note:
I sort of feel bad, my friend saw my first two boxes and was really impressed and signed up for 3 months. Needless to say neither one of us was as impressed with our July box. 

So my eyeliner was a lip liner and my friends lipliner was and eyeliner. She  got Ivy liner and gave it to me since she would never use it. As well she got Silken Cord as an Essie Polish and gave it to me as well. Pretty much she kept the perfume sample and a hair oil she got. So, I feel bad.

Overall review on this box:

I think the May and June boxes were so great that I just didn't feel the love with this box. I still love the service and am sure my next one will be great, but this one was just ok.  

The full sized polish and liner were nice. I like them so much. But the lotion and perfume just disappointed me.  Cant win them all.

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