Ruffian Nail NOTD

By Sunday, June 19, 2011 ,

Nails have never been my forte, but lately I've gotten a bit more comfortable with painting my nails and definitely more talented at doing them too. I guess practice makes perfect.

One of the new looks that I am infatuated with is the Ruffian nail look. Apparently created by CND, it seems to be popping up everywhere and replacing the half moon nail look.

Here is my attempt on making one....not the best but still an honest attempt. I used H&M nail polish in Paradise Pink and Dazzling Jade.

All Lacquered Up has some stunning looks featuring the Ruffian Nail here and Lacquered shows you how to instructions on to to perfectly create a Ruffian Nail look here. Below is a video from Nihrida's Channel that is pretty darn good tutorial on how to create the look.  (look at those links they have great pics on the looks, I wont steal their pics so go there and look).
****I'd like to note I got a nasty nasty comment from someone this week on a blog post about my nails and how I should be 'embarrassed' to put up a picture. 
I am not a professional when it comes to doing my nails. I am still learning and getting better overtime. By doing this blog and showing my progress as I go I'd like to think it journals my adventures and gives me the confidence to get better. I would like you all to understand that and be positive about my sharing things with you all  (which almost all of you have been and I love you all for that).