Nail Polish Haul

By Friday, June 03, 2011 , ,

So, as silly as it seems I thought this week I would spend the week reviewing and going over my favourite brands and colours of nail polishes in ... a week of nails! Monday thru Friday I am going to do a post a day all about nails.

Last night at the Eglinton Bus Station I noticed the clothing store had vanished and a lady and her little dog were setting up a discount cosmetic store. Mainly nail polishes but some Dior skin care and perfumes seemed to be there.

Today I had some spare time and I popped into the crowed store. Sally Hansen polishes were $1.25 or 8 for $8.00, Borghese polishes were $3.00 each and there were other bins with other polishes for random prices.
I picked up a few Sally Xtreme wear shades, some Borghese speciality products (quick dry spray, adhesive base and smudge corrector) for $3 each and then I saw them....Sally's Hidden Treasures...for $2. I squealed and woman noticed and then we found me 3 in total. I was very happy.
Over all I spend $22.60 with tax and got a lot of polishes, the perfect way to finish off a week of nails. The receipt says "Cha Ching Liquidators", I don't know how long they will be there or if they will be restocking, but it was fun to check out.

I already had a hidden treasure so I got one back up and 2 for friends and family.