H&M Nail Polishes & NOTD - Sizzling Lime

By Wednesday, June 01, 2011 , ,

So, as silly as it seems I thought this week I would spend the week reviewing and going over my favourite brands and colours of nail polishes in ... a week of nails! Monday thru Friday I am going to do a post a day all about nails.

I have 5 little 3.2 ml nail polishes from H&M in my nail polish collection. I must say that I am quite the fan of these little puppies. They are cheap ($1.95 each and $5.99 for a larger bottle), go on smooth and come in great colours.

I like the fact you can get smaller or full size bottles. Since I never, ever use up a polish the smaller option is a great idea.

nail swatching. left to right
Sunset dream, Paradise pink, Dazzling jade, sizzling Lime
Sizzling Lime is my current favourite, it goes on sheerer than most polishes but 3 coats does the trick. Metallic chartreuse green makes great spring shade.
Sizzling lime
The brand is cheap and easy to buy if an H&M is near by. As well the smaller size (as well as full size) gives a nice option for those who don't eat though polishes as quickly as others. Bright seasonal colours add to the appeal of the line. Worth picking up for sure.