Crackles and Shatters Collection and Review

By Thursday, June 02, 2011 , , , , ,

So, as silly as it seems I thought this week I would spend the week reviewing and going over my favourite brands and colours of nail polishes in ... a week of nails! Monday thru Friday I am going to do a post a day all about nails.

Recently I've been adoring crackles or shatters. Hard to come by I've managed to pick up a few along the way
My Collection:
  • OPI Black Shatter
  • China Glaze Fault Line
  • China Glaze Broken Hearted 
  • China Glaze Crackled Concreate
  • LaRosa Maroon Red
  • LaRosa Magenta
  • LaRosa Green
OPI goes on the thinnest and give a great crackle but lasts the least amount of time on my nails

The China Glaze works great and has a bit of a thickness to it. The colours always look they way they do in the jars on the nails. They last a fair amount of time and the bright colours look great in the summer.

LaRosa shades are bright in the jar but don't always go on that way. If over a light base they stay bright, but over dark base they don't have the same look at all. They are thicker and crackle well, but due to the thickness they say more flexible. Even a day later I can dent it by pressing one of my nail into it. This isn't necessarily a bad thing though, due to the thick still flexible nature of the polish it stays put the best. To be 100% honest it is the only time I've ever worn polish to work and not chipped a single nail.
thumb- h&M sizzling lime with larosa maroon red crackle
index finger- h&m sizzling lime China Glaze Fault Line
middle ringer-H&M sizzling lime with larosa magenta
ring finger-H&M sizzling lime with China Glaze Broken Hearted
pinky -H&M sizzling lime with LaRosa Green 
Pinky-Black polish with LaRosa Magenta
Ring Finger- black polish with Larosa Marron Red
Middle Finger-H&M sizzling lime with Larosa Green
Index Finger-H&M sizzling lime with opi black shater
See how bright the first swatching and the LaRosa look? The second swatching shows how the magenta and the Maroon Red don't look bright any more, in fact like nothing close to what is in the bottle.  Good to know...great under lighter shades but not darks.
China Glaze watermellon rind with
LaRosa in Magenta over it...dull looking, eh?
Sally Hansen Xteme Wear in Green With Envy
With LaRosa in Green over it
Look How bright