Annabelle Smoothie in Mokamirage

By Tuesday, June 28, 2011 , ,

I love Canada, so all this week is Canadiana week here at Batting A Lash.

"Smoothie Eyeshadow Pencils come in runway-inspired shades which you can apply however you want. Very easy to use and super trendy, these creamy, comfortable shadows go on smoothly and last all day. Offered in 5 gorgeous jumbo shades, get them all while you can!"

I love shadow pencils but often find they have strong large glitter chunks in it or they move around and never really set on the eyes. Annabelle's on the other hand stays put all day and has a nice metallic finish without being chunky.

Mine is in Mokamirage, a lovely brown/bronze shade that is slightly metallic.
unblended left, blended right
  • not chunky in the glitter department/nice metallic finish
  • bends well
  • stays put all day
  • great shade
  • inexpensive
  • None I can think of
Blends well, lasts a long time, makes a great base for eyeshadows but is great on its own too. It really is one of the best eyeshadow pencils I've ever tried in my life.