L'oreal Telescopic Explosion Mascara Review

By Friday, March 04, 2011 ,

When applying your mascara, are some lashes inaccessible? L’OrĂ©al Paris came up with the perfect solution, Telescopic Explosion! Its new Flexi-Globe brush can be used from any angle. Horizontally, it captures even short and fine lashes and vertically, it coats each and every lash from root to tip. Your lashes are fanned out, beautifully lengthened. A very spectacular effect! -lorealparis.ca
Available in blackest black, black carbon and also in waterproof
I bought this way too long ago and never ever use it.

First things first, the wand. Yep it is a rip off the Givenchy Phenomen’ Eyes wand, but it is made of rubber or something synteric and that makes it sharp and pointy. But the unique shape is supposed to help get into the little lashes and the corners. But it is sharp and pointy, so well, well I poke myself in the eyes the the sharp thing and owch!
The formula is nice. Nothing to fancy. It clumps, quite a bit.

Essentially this tube is a mess. Horrible brush ok formula. Clumps and poked eyes. ehh...blahh.


  • cheap
  • formula is ok


  • brush is sharp and pointy - injuries are bound to happen
  • clumps

Not something I recommend. Something I am actually going to toss out right after this. I don't love the wand, I don't even like it. The quality of the mascara doesn't make up for the fact the wand is awful.