Sephora 500 Point Reward, Haul and Walmart Haul

By Saturday, February 19, 2011 , , ,

I was so close to getting the much coveted Sephora 500 Point Perk Reward that I went and spend the last $46 needed to get it. I also went to my locoal Walmart and saw an almost fully stocked Hard Candy display and couldn't help myself

What I got:
OPI for Sephora nail polish in "it's Bouquet With Me" - $12
Sephora's Precision Sponge - $18
Stila "Make Me Blush" - $18 (which I like, but pisses me off that for $20 in the USA Sephora gives it to you with 2 full sized lipglosses. Once again Canada gets screwed).
500 Point Perk:
Benefit BADgal Lash 4.0 g
Benefit CORALista 12.0 g  (full size!!!!)
Make Me Blush
(gold is overspray and gone after one use)
Goody clips - $4.00
Goody Colour Collection  - Brunette Bobby Pins $3.97
Maybeliline Dream Smoth Mousse "110 Porcelain/Ivory" - $8.76 (second time buying and I love it)
Hard Candy  So Baked Bronzer in "131 Hula Hula" - $8.98 (I already have tiki and love it, this for some reason seemed lighter in the store than the shade in between tiki and hula hula so I went with it)
Hard Candy Kal-eye-descope Baked Eyeshadow Duo "ab fab" - $5.98
Hula Hula 
ab fab