Kit Must Have: Pastry Scraper!

By Thursday, February 10, 2011

Now I know what you are thinking
Pastry Scraper? In my kit? Jill-O have you lost your mind?
No I haven't, let me explain. I use these babies as....mixing palettes. Yep, palettes. There is more to this so let me tell you more.

tell me how are you supposed
to be able to pick that up?
A few years back when I was in makeup classes we all got our kits and we all got this plain palette.
We used it for everything, foundation, lipstick, concealer, gel eyeliner, mascara, anything creamy went on this small thing. We were wiping them down with 99% alcohol every 5 mintutes, and if you dared to put it down, good luck picking it up. When you held it, it was well, square, and awkward.

One day in class my friend Christina (check out her amazing corsets and burlesque costumes here, pure genius) pulled out a pastry scraper. She slid her thumb into the whole and could hold on to it easily, she could put it down and pick it up and easily, they even have a good weight to them. It was amazing to me, she is a genius as far as I am concerned.

Easy to hold on to
Easy to pick up too!
She then blew my mind even more by saying she got it for a dollar. $1, well for $1 I could buy a few and not have to clean them every 5 minutes.

So I have a face, eye and lip palette now, it was cheap, and it is amazing.

Now I know some people like CD/DVDs but they stick to the table and are hard to pick up (think trying to pick up a coin off a table with your nails, uggh).

Seriously a mixing palette is a must in any kit, it helps keep your cream products clean and sanitary as well it is and excellent way to mix colours. Get one, now! I recommend these from the dollar store.