Mac Gloss Texture ~ Review

By Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Mac Gloss Texture is a pro product available at Mac Pro store. I purchased it back in October and have just now had a good chance of using it so I could give it a fair review.

I really don't think there is another product on the market that compares to it. I think it is a must in anyones kit and a fun item for everyone else.

I bought it back in October for my Princess Peach look (see it here), I wanted to make the burn look fresh and therefore oozy or glossy. So I got it for that purpose. I used a ton and in reality barley dented it.

What it can be used for:

A little gloss on the tops of the cheek bones can create a great highlight without the use of shimmers or glitter. A great example of this is the movie The Aviator. It kept the makeup nude and natural but created a nice highlight on the cheeks of Cate Blanchett (read about it here).

Can be used to create a glossy/dewy cheek.
cheek and lip example from macs ss09
That glossy eye look that you will be seeing all of 2011, this is what you use to create that! Pat it onto of you eye look and you are done. It will smudge things so use it sparingly and use waterproof liner.
here Scarlette Johansson is
sporting lightly glossed lids.
another eye example from mac
Yep, it can be lipgloss too. Put it over your favourite lipliner, lipstick, or cream colour base and you are ready to go. Or just over your cupids bow.

Highlighting Your Decolletage:
As I said it can be used as a highlighter, so you can use it just about anywhere you would normally highlight with powder, therefore it can be used on the decolletage and neck area.

Now you can use lip gloss to create many of these effects, but keep in mind that glosses have oils in them and those oils will break down the makeup, where as Gloss Texture will not.

It can be a bit sticky so a little goes a long way and tapping it on is the best way to get it work for you.