Halloween 2010

By Sunday, November 07, 2010

Although it was over a week ago, I just finally got photos from Halloween.

I went and did my Step-Sister and her fiance's makeup. They went as Na've from Avatar.
Me doing the makeup for my step-sister
I use Temptu S/B white, green and blue adjusters as a base applied with brushes and sponges. I then airbrushed a darker combination of the colours on top. I used purple S/B for the nose and inner lips. I used white eyeliner on the outer upper eyelids and lower inner lids.The white dots were done with cream white eyeliner mixed with glow in the dark makeup from TKB. I powdered it all with ELF HD Powder mixed with Blue Mica from TKB.
Finished Product
 Me. Oh my, this was some work. I went as Princes Peach, but my plumber boyfriend Mario didn't get there in time so Bowser burned me and scratched me.
Scratches and burn
I used 3rd degree by Alcone to create the burns and scratches. I made the blood colours by using my grease paint palette form college and some fresh scab. I made the burn look fresh and gooey by adding Mac's gloss texture on top.
Princes Peach (me) with my Yoshi purse and bomber candy 
Finished Product