MAC Pro Order Haul

by - Monday, October 04, 2010

I placed an order last week for some goodies from the Mac Pro site.
Here they are:

Greasepaint stick in "Slick Black" this is from the Disney Venomous Villains collection and part of Dr. Facilier collection. This is one of the few items from the Disney collection that doesn't have a character on it so pro discounts did apply. It is a flat black grease paint stick, I feel that it has a lot of potential in my life, and for smokey eyes.

Beauty Powder in "Briar Rose" is also from the Disney Venomous Villains collection and belongs to Maleficent collection. It is a very pretty purple/pink beauty powder. I paid full price for it (a SHOCKING thing for me and mac). I love the sheer purpley/pink shade with a hint of shimmer to it. I only have one other beauty powder (from the Ungaro collection) and I love it. I also want the option to swap my MSF nat into a mirrored compact for travel, this will most certainly fill that void.

Mixing Medium in Matte. This is a new pro item, it also comes in a Shine version. I chose just to get one for the time being and see how I like it. I am kinda shocked that I didn't get the Shine one simply because I buy anything with the name Shine in it (it is my cat's name).
It is wax bases and sort of reminds me of the texture of lip balm when pigments are mixed with it. I have to play with it some more to see if I like it or not and how well it lasts.

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