Re-orginizine my collection

By Monday, September 27, 2010

I popped into Ikea and picked up a Helmer drawer set. I wanted the silver one, I went to the section where the silver ones were stored (no where near the red or white ones), I picked it up, lugged it home, ripped the box open, and it was....white. Sigh, there is no indication of the colour on the box. White is fine, I just would have perfered the silver one.

It is a nice metal 6 drawer unit on castors and was $49.99, a great deal.

I wanted to replace my old rubbermaid system that was no longer working for me. The three drawer stack I had on the bottom had now grown to six. There was now a shoe sized plastic drawer on top followed by 5 smaller rubbermaid drawers. These top ones I cannot find it any where so adding the additional ones I wanted/needed was not going to be happening.

The smaller ones housed in the top one my eye primers, brow pencils, paint pots, chromalines, fluidlines, cs liners and other miscellaneous eye products. The 2nd drawer my mascaras and brow gels. The 3rd my lipsticks (but not all of them, hence why I needed to get more space). The 4th my lip glosses (same as with the sticks, I have more than I have room for now). And finally the 6th miscellaneous items, eye liners, lip liners, long lasting lip sticks, liquid eyeliners, grease paint sticks, etc.

My other drawers were well organized, but having any compacts directly up hit the top of the drawer and made it hard to open or close.

I had to ditch some of the bins to the left to fit it in, but it is perfect.
Bottom Drawer: Mac palettsx5 (3 lip and 2 eye) ,
 28 neutral palette,  48 matte palette, pixi palette,
mac airbrush cleaner, mac body mixing medium
2nd drawer from bottom:
blush, ccb, illuminators and bronzer.
Front left has setting powders
3rd From Bottom:
airbrush foundations & products at the back.
Multi-use sticks and liquids. Foundations,
primers and concealers on the left and front.
Finishing powders as well
4th from Bottom:
Eye shadows, pigments (in small jars) and
eyeshadow quad/palettes.
4th from Bottom:
lip drawer. Lipsticks, glosses,
moisturizers and liners.
Top Drawer:
Eye drawer, fluidlines, chromalines,
paintpots, primers in back, liners
and other sticks, mascaras
Rubbermaid bin: brush drawer.
top smaller drawer: mis skin care products .
Wow, it took me no time to assemble the unit, no screws were really needed, but putting everything in took a long time. The next thing to do is to put labels in to the little slots for everything.

I'm officially glad I have more room and no longer fight with my lipsticks. I ran low on my dividers near the end, so I did the best I could with my eyeliner drawer, I will grab more and fix it up soon.